Is somebody cutting onions in here, or is the video making you cry, too?

17-year-old Chase Grays was new at Grand Blanc High School this year; his mom, Michelle Counts, and their family moved to GB Township after living in Auburn Hills. Being the "new kid" at school is always tough; being the new kid in your SENIOR YEAR during a pandemic is even harder.

Obviously, the Bobcats had their commencement ceremony at the US-23 Drive-Theater a couple of weeks ago. Chase's mom Michelle, however, realized what a tough time it is to be an African-American male who is coming of age right now, and she wanted to go the extra mile for him.

Michell had a stage constructed in her backyard, complete with a podium and a backdrop. There were pictures of Chase all over the yard; she set out about two-dozen chairs, six-feet-apart from each other so that loved ones could be there. Masks were also provided.

She also had a video made of all of the friends and family who couldn't be there, sending their well-wishes to Chase.

In the end, Michelle told MLive that this graduation ceremony felt even more special than regular graduation.

The video made me well up with tears and pride. And I don't even know Chase or his family! Congratulations again to the class of 2020!

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Grand Blanc High School Graduation at the US-23 Drive-In

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