During times like these, you have to think out of the box. That is exactly what Grand Blanc High School administrators are doing. Since graduation ceremonies cannot be held indoors, Grand Blanc High School graduates will be recieving their diplomas at the US 23 Drive In Theatre.

Each graduate (656 total), will be put up on the big screen to be recognized. This is actually pretty cool. To be honest, I do not remember my high school graduation. I know I was there, but as far as the details, honestly I don't remember it. Something like this however, I am sure I would remember.

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From what I have seen and read on social media, parents of the class of 2020 are having a harder time than the actual students. Do you think so too? Granted I am not friends with a lot of high school seniors, but a majority of their parents are beyond heartbroken over no prom, no graduation ceremony, and quite possibly - no open houses.

The Grand Blanc High School comencement drive-thru is set for June 4th. I am curious to see how many other schools will follow suit, and try to arrange the same type of graduation ceremony? I also am wondering, if I am the only person who does not remember every moment of high school graduation? I was not drinking tequila at the time, so that has nothing to do with my memory.

I would like to say to all of the 2020 graduates, you will be okay. It doesn't matter if your parents are sitting in an auditorium watching you get your diploma, or sitting next to you in a car - you will do great things. Congratulations.

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