Parents with kids at Caring Hands Daycare and Pre-School were surprised with a credit on their bill recently.

Caring Hands is one of many childcare centers around the state that received aid money from the government to stay open during the pandemic. Caring Hands has decided to turn part of that money around to help the families of the children they care for.

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Dar Norrington is the owner at Caring Hands, and he talked about why it was so important to help out their families with the money.

There’s so many different serious things going on with the families, they’re not able to pay their bills. It’s a family, it’s been that way for a number of years, and we’d like to keep it that way, and keep the families happy

The stimulus money given to childcare centers was intended to help keep the business open. There were guidelines as to what percentage of the money went where. We did hear from other childcare centers like Country Bumpkins in Owosso, that they also gave bill credits to their families. Overall this is a huge positive for all childcare centers, and the parents that utilize them.

According to Mid Michigan Now, many of the families were completely shocked when they found the credit to their bill. Some families cried, and gave virtual hugs when they found out about the $200 credit to their account. This isn't the first time that Caring Hands has surprised their families with a credit, and they are hoping it won't be the last. The owners are hoping that the government will be giving out more stimulus money sometime very soon.

Anyone with kids knows how expensive daycare can be. Most of the time families find themselves in a position where they are working to pay for daycare. Getting an unexpected credit on your childcare bill might not let you retire or anything, but it does give you a little room to breathe.


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