When you talk to her you immediately know she bleeds red & black for her hometown Bobcats. Leigh LaForest loves every single memory she has of growing up in Grand Blanc, and can't wait to give the community a whole slew of new ones.

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LaForest recently took over as President of the Grand Blanc Chamber of Commerce, and for the Grand Blanc High School alum ( class of 1990), it's exactly where she wants to be.

"Coming to work at the GB Chamber feels like I am home again. What I look most forward to is helping our community and our small businesses continue to grow. My goal is to make GB an even better place to live and to work", LaForest told us.

Her impressive resume includes Partnership Development Manager for the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce,city council member for the City of Davison, and a former co- owner and manager a a successful professional youth sports photography business that say her as a nationally recognized speaker in the photography industry. The latter, being a business owner, is something that gives LaForest a real inside track to working with businesses throughout the Grand Blanc community.

"My main goals are to support the small businesses in Grand Blanc, partner with neighboring chambers in the region, and to build a stronger, more robust community", LaForest said.

LaForest, whose family has been part of the Grand Blanc community for 40 years, is set on bringing out all the greatness the town has to offer not only residents, but visitors alike.

"I want to foster collaboration that allows us to create an environment that has provides a real hometown feel and a place where everyone is welcome. Grand Blanc is made up of so many unique and wonderful people. Generations of families continue to stay here, invest here, and champion for our community year after year. I am so proud to be a part of Grand Blanc and I will forever be; a Bobcat."

Kicking Things Off

Leigh LaForest will start showcasing new event kicking it off with a special Back to the Bricks Pit Stop on Wednesday, August 18th. The GB Chamber Pit Stop tent will be set up in the Grand Blanc High School parking lot and feature entertainment, by the John Vance Band, sponsored by Dort Financial Credit Union. The fun kicks off starting at 4pm and runs until 8pm.


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