The Flint Farmers' Market is a great place to try foods from lots of different cultures and now they have added a new vendor specializing in Italian food! Italy at the Market celebrated their grand opening inside the Flint Farmers' Market this week. With the large variety of food choices at the market, pizza hasn't really been one of them in the past. Italy at the Market is hoping to fill that gap. They will feature a variety of salads as well as build your own pizzas made in a woodstone pizza oven. Chef Kyle says what makes them different is "you can have a little show while waiting on the food. Tossing the dough in the air and making the pizzas right in front of you."

If you loved Wiseguys Pizza when it was open on Saginaw Street, you will love Italy at the Market. They are both operated by Redwood Management Group, and Italy at the Market uses recipes from the now-closed Wiseguys Pizza.

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