Does Lapeer need a year-round farmers market? Full disclosure, I read this question on the Lapeer News & Discussion Facebook page. Below is the exact post,

Lapeer News & Discussion
Lapeer News & Discussion

Yes, Lapeer does already have an outdoor market - the Historic Farmers Market of Lapeer. The market is open now for the season every Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM, next to the courthouse in downtown Lapeer. However, the question being raised is if Lapeer residents would enjoy a year-round indoor farmers market.

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Think of the Davison Farmers Market (as mentioned in the question above) or the Flint Farmers Market. To be fair many residents and or Lapeer News & Discussion Facebook followers did point out that Lapeer already has a lot of great markets - that is one hundred percent correct. Lapeer is bursting with great markets, unique shops, and great restaurants. I raise the question only because of the mixed reactions I read from people. There were some additional suggestions of 'things Lapeer needs' including a large community garden. I love that idea. A place for people to work together for the greater good. My dad had quite the green thumb when I was growing up. Every year he would plant a good size garden, and as a kid, I loved helping. As a teen not so much. Weeding the garden was often my punishment for skipping school or talking back to my mom. Did I mention it was a large garden and I was in trouble a lot?

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