Genesee County is full of great golf courses for golfers of all levels, but there are a few holes out there that will give every golfer nightmares.

I'll just put this up front so there's no confusion, I'm not what you would call a good golfer. So if you see a hole on here that I've listed as difficult, but you think it's easy, remember that I'm at least a 15 handicap. This story isn't about the holes that I find hard though, I just want to start the conversation. What I really want to accomplish is getting together a list of the most difficult holes based on suggestions by golfers in Genesee County.

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You know the kind of hole I'm talking about right? The hole that no matter how good your round is going, you usually end up doing this after you finish it.


What are the qualifications to make it on to the hardest holes in Genesee County list?

What this list is not going to be is a list of the top handicap holes in Genesee County. That's just the rank that each course gives based on the other holes, and is a little too official for my taste.

What I'm looking for is the hole that eats your lunch every single time you play it. It might be a dogleg left, and you have a terrible slice. Maybe it's a long par 3, full of hazards, so you have to carry your tee shot all the way to the green.

The point is that there is no definitive answer, and that's a good thing. I want this list to be full of the holes that the average weekend golfer dreads, but making a par would make their round.

I'll list a few of my examples below, and would love for you to send me your hole with brief description of why. The easiest way is to send me a message with the Cars 108 App.

Here are a few of my suggestions for the hardest golf holes in Genesee County.

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Sugarbush Golf & Country Club in Davison - Hole #16 

On the card, number 16 at Sugarbush looks like a chance to get an easy par. In real life, it looks like a hand full of lost balls. The hole plays between 60 and 140 yards depending on which tee box you are playing from, but most of us will play it at around 117 yards.

There is a deep river ravine in front of the green, and everything slopes away from the green. If you hit it short, it runs down into the ravine and if you go long you are out of bounds against the fence. Even the green is slanted back to front, so putting becomes a challenge when you do finally make it on the green.

Genesee Valley Meadows in Swartz Creek - Hole #1

Genesee Valley Meadows starts your round off with a challenge. The par 4 is only 400 yards, but it just plays tough. Your first shot has to be placed about 200 yards or you'll end up in the creek. That leaves you a 200 yard, uphill second shot to the green. Then the green is full of slopes and bumps, so if you do get on in two, two putting is not always a guarantee.

Kearsley Lake Golf Course in Flint - Hole #7

Kearsley lake is a fun course to play for all skill levels, but you should know that hole number 7 is going to be a tough one. Playing from the white tees, this hole measures just over 500 yards . . . AND IT'S A PAR 4 ON THE SCORE CARD!

The tee shot has to be under 250, then a very long carry over the lake, followed by another long shot into the green. The course might feel short to you before this hole, but it will definitely test your long game.

Flint Golf Club in Flint - Hole #13

On the card, and in person, this just looks like a straight forward long par 3. It measures at about 213 yards, and plays uphill. What makes this hole so hard is the dome green that you have to land on. If you go over, everything runs off of the front.  This is one of the holes where you just have to swallow your pride and hit your first shot short so you can hope to get up and down for par.

These are just a few of the holes in Genesee County that routinely ruin my round, but trust me, there are MANY more. Send me a message with the station app and let me know what hole you struggle with, and why. I'll use your suggestions to put together the definitive list of hardest holes in Genesee County.

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