She was given 48 hours to live...and beat the odds to be the flower girl at her camp counselor's wedding.

Abby Furco is 10-years-old, and she's had leukemia since she was 4. She met 27-year-old Sarah Rostock at Camp Fantastic, a camp for kids with cancer. Sarah herself had been at the camp as a child - she was diagnosed with leukemia when she was a teenager. She says that, unsurprisingly, you make pretty tight bonds with the kids at the camp.

So, when she found out that Abby's cancer had returned, she went to be by her side in the hospital...and asked her to be her flower girl in her upcoming wedding. She didn't know if Abby would make it - the doctors had given her 12 to 48 hours to live.

But Abby made summer camp. And to her birthday. And then, to Sarah's wedding on October 29th.

She's now cancer-free. Pass the tissues!



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