This could be dangerous, or it could be glorious. 

Have you used the Shipt app yet? Meijer has partnered with Shipt, which will deliver groceries, same-day, to your home. Of course, the app can partner with other businesses, too...

...and now, they're partnering with Target.

Starting in the spring of next year, Target will offer same-day home delivery from about half of their stores. Membership is $99 per year, much like Amazon Prime. However, unlike Prime, you can also pay $14.99 monthly. Of course, if you do this, you'll end up paying about $179 per year, unless you skip a few months.

Not sure if this will be available in our area yet; we'll know more in the spring. Target says that it will apply to about half of its stores. But let's be honest - if you're like me, and you purposely go to Tar-jay just to impulse shop, this could save you (and me) money.

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