Another positive step for people like AJ who never want to leave the house again. 

Walmart has announced that they will start home delivery of groceries by the end of 2018.

They've already started the program in bigger cities such as Phoenix, Dallas, Orlando, Tampa, Denver, and San Jose, and will start adding new locations in the coming weeks.

You can purchase your groceries on their website or their app. A minimum purchase of $30 is required, and a $9.95 shipping fee will apply. If you order by 1 PM, your groceries will be delivered within a matter of hours.

We use Shipt with Meijer in our house - the only difference is that you pay an annual fee (kind like of Amazon Prime) and no shipping (unless it's under $30). And, if the above information is correct, Shipt can get you your food anytime of the day within an hour or two. But we get it - Walmart has to compete.

Cue the extra laziness in our house in 3...2...1...

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