Few restaurants around Genesee County come with great food and big personality.

Seems weird to mention "personality" when it comes to dining, right?

See Also: New McAlister's Deli opening in Grand Blanc. The first 100 guests are in for a treat.

At Enzo's Pizzerias, personality is built into their outstanding customer service and quality food.

Plus, their social media sense of humor is always on point, too.

Expanding around Genesee County

We first reported Enzo's expansion to Davison, MI earlier this summer. There, they took over the old Sicilian Brothers Pizza shop.

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

The original location is based in Grand Blanc. They opened almost a couple years ago and have made quite the impression in the community.

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Their creative pizza styles like pickle pizza (no it isn't anything like a red-sauce pizza) or one that taste better than a Big Mac are fantastic.

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Don't worry, if you're a pepperoni and cheese lover, you're getting a great pie, too.

Opening soon in Fenton

Lake Winds Plaza is home to the latest Enzo's location. Just this week, they've shared an estimated opening date in the comments of a post.

Fans are excited for the "beginning half of November" target date.

Credit: Enzo's Facebook, Canva
Credit: Enzo's Facebook, Canva

Enzo's Locations in Genesee County

We're almost to three now.

  • Grand Blanc at Saginaw & Baldwin Roads
  • Davison at M-15 and Lippincott Blvd.
  • Fenton (soon) at Lake Winds Plaza, Leroy Street and Bly Dr (just north of Beale Street Smokehouse BBQ)

We're here for the "Enzo's Vs Everybody" vibes. Wonder where they'll open next?

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