It's amazing to see people helping people in the community, but even more special to see kids helping other kids.

One Genesee County Girl Scout working hard to help kids in the Flint community that need a smile. At just 11-years-old, Gabbrielle Parker is thinking of others less fortunate during this years Girl Scout cookie season.

Gabbrielle is donating cookies, face masks, and gift bags to the other kids who may be unable to do Girl Scouts as a way to make them feel included. She is using the money she’s been saving up to buy extra boxes of cookies. Parker told Mid-Michigan Now,

“We’re donating cookies and gift bags and stuff to the other kids who can’t do girl scouts. It’s just that I see other kids who can’t do this so I try to give back."

As the top cookie seller in her troop, Gabbrielle feels lucky to see her sales grow thanks to so many people supporting her in the Flint community and she wanted to pay it forward. Because of that, Gabbrielle is donating 300 boxes of cookies, gift bags and 500 masks for girls and boys.

Gabbrielle is spreading her special love to Whaley Children’s Center, as well as Family Promise of Genesee County, Hurley Medical Center Pediatrics, and PICU floor.

“Seeing this 11-year-old march in here with the confidence that she has being the top cookie seller in the whole area, and wanting to give back to our kids is overwhelming,”  Whaley Children’s Center President and CEO, Mindy Williams told Mid-Michigan Now.

Her generosity has been contagious, and although her allowance got the ball rolling, she needed a little extra help to see things through. That's when Lionsgate Investment Solutions from the community came to her aid with a contribution of about $800.

Proving that every gesture from the heart has a big impact, Gabbrielle is hoping others hear her story and do the same. Such a positive inspiration at such a young age.

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