Sometimes life can be tempting. We can find ourselves in a interesting situation that leaves us with a decision, but at the end of the day it's all about doing the right thing.

Two Williams Township siblings found themselves in just such a situation recently. According to the Bay County Sheriff's Office said 14-year-old Elizabeth Kunz and 12-year-old Aiden Kunz were outside as part of their gym class doing some exercises. The duo decided to pick up some trash along the roadway, and it was then they made a surprising discovery.

Elizabeth and Aiden found a chip bag and to their unbelievable surprise the bag wasn't had $1000 in it. The kids did the right thing and immediately reported their unique find to their parents who then contacted the local police department where they turned over the cash.

So how did the money end up in the bag on the side of the road? Turns out it was from a robbery that had taken place at the Fifth Third Bank in Bangor Township. The bank robber had admitted to tossing the money when he was arrested in Pennsylvania. He told officers there he had robbed a bank in Michigan and still had some of the money in his car according to Mid-Michigan Now. 

Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham was quick to commend Elizabeth and Aiden for their actions saying,

"Elizabeth, Aiden, and their parents are exemplary roles models and deserve to be recognized for their honesty and integrity!"

Definitely two kids that know that doing the right thing is always the way to go!

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