When you say JUMP, this community says HOW HIGH?!?!

Last week, it was the "Blue Out" for London Eisenbeis. This week, it was "Make a Difference Day" for McKenna Schummer. And boy oh boy did Genesee County deliver!

11-year-old McKenna Schummer lost her battle with cancer last year on March 6th, 2018. So, on the anniversary of her death, her group of supporters known as McKenna's Squad introduced "Make a Difference Day." In honor of McKenna, they asked that everybody take a moment and do something kind for another person. And that's exactly what happened.

Students took part in service projects throughout the community, they collected make-up for McKenna's Beauty Bar (a service available at several Michigan hospitals that provides make-up to young girls battling cancer), gave cards and flowers to random strangers and more.

McKenna's memory definitely lived on yesterday!

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