There's a lot going on in that headline, isn't there? Not only did a garbage truck crash through the outside wall of a business in Sterling Heights (which would be big news by itself), but the gaping hole left by said truck revealed that there was a secret, illegal marijuana growing operation inside.

Raw video of the incident is included below.

The incident occurred Wednesday (9/8) morning near the intersection of Mound Rd. and 15 Mile. Detroit TV station WXYZ reports that a car turned in front of the garbage truck which caused it to swerve suddenly. Although the driver of the garbage truck was able to avoid other vehicles, he still hit the at-fault vehicle before crashing into the building.

Investigators found about 60 pot plants growing in the building. Although recreational use of marijuana is legal in Michigan, grow operations have to be licensed by the state.

Mike Palmieri owns a concrete business next door. He says he kept to himself but often noticed a skunky smell from the neighboring business.

"We knew something was up next door, but we were neighbors that kept to ourselves. But when the whoppers were not cooking, you could smell them," he said. "And any time after 10:30 am, it was gone. But if you were here in the evening time or morning time, it smelled like fresh skunk all morning long."

Palmieri went on to say that he's glad to see the illegal grow operation shut down. He says that the presence of drugs has typically been known to attract crime.

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