Michigan might be a little bit more creepy than originally thought.

I saw the above meme pop up on my Facebook feed and I realized that I have never heard of the story of the 'Melon Heads' of Holland, Michigan. I decided, as a fan of horror and oddities, I must look into this further.

According to Roadtrippers.com, this story may have originated in Saugatuck where there was a family of children that had some deformities that gave them really big heads. As with all horror/scary stories, the family sent these kids off to an asylum in Holland where a sick doctor performed horrible experiments on them. The kids decided to conspire to murder the doctor when news was circulating that the asylum would be closed soon. The rest of the story is that the kids were successful, and ate the doctor while scattering the bones in the forest as they ran away.

In the 1970s, it was very popular to talk about 'melon heads' in the area of the forest by the Felt Mansion, which was claimed to be the asylum that the deformed children were sent. Basically, teenagers would get hopped up on Faygo and freak each other out by claiming to see big headed, deformed, creepy kids in the forest.


I mean, just look at that Mansion, it does just scream, "CREEPY PLACE RIGHT HERE!" So, I get it. I would totally run screaming from this place and wouldn't want to meet what would be in the forest surrounding the place.

I checked to see if we were the only state to claim a 'melon heads' story, and we are not. I checked out Wikipedia to see if I could find anything that could lead me to this crazy story and I found we are not the only one. Ohio has a similar story and so does Connecticut.

I will have to say that Connecticut's story is way scarier and includes a road called, 'Dracula Road', but I don't think it's a real thing. So, I am inclined to think that the 'Melon Heads' of Holland are not real. Maybe I will be proven wrong. Okay, I hope that I will not be proven wrong.

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