You need to read this, the criminals got real creative with this one.

Police are warning the public about a fake Publishers Clearing House scheme that's being perpetrated in our area. Within the last 24 hours, police have received several calls regarding the Publisher Clearing House fraud.

Police said an unknown male with a Jamaican accent is calling area residents claiming he is from Publisher Clearing House and residents are winners in their sweepstakes. Authorities said the man tells the residents that they must purchase a Green Dot Money card from Walmart stores and put a certain amount of money on the card. He then tells the residents that he will make arrangements for their sweepstakes money to be delivered and he gets their money off of their card.

Investigators ask that anyone who receives a call with this type of claim, hang up immediately and do not entertain the conversation.Publishers Clearing House is free and they don't ask for money in order for you to get your money.

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