The Genesee County Sheriff's Office announced the first recipients of their 'Walk With Us' $10K Giveaway.

We are honored to be a part of the Walk With Us movement that started almost one year ago in Flint. Sheriff Chris Swanson has teamed up with organizations around the country to spread the movement around the country. On Wednesday Sheriff Swanson, and Walk With Us partners announced the winners of the $2,500 award.

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You can watch the entire press conference from Sheriff Swanson above, or skip ahead to the 4 minute mark when he starts to talk about the Walk With Us $10K Giveaway.

If you are not familiar with what the giveaway is all about, here is a quick summary. The goal of the project was to reward Genesee County residents that have committed themselves to giving back to the community. The original plan was to give away two $5,000 awards, but there were so many outstanding nominations, that the prize was split into four $2,500 awards.

The winners were announced by representatives from the organizations that helped to make this all possible. Ken from the Free Hugs Project talked about how he came to be involved with the Walk With Us program all the way from California. He will also be a big part of the 1 year anniversary event of the Walk With Us campaign coming at the end of May. The four winners of the $2,500 are listed below.

  • Dr. Ladel Lewis
  • Jennifer Joy
  • Bill Heatley
  • Shonda Edgerton

The four winners were among many nominees that came in over the last two weeks. They each showed an extreme dedication to making Genesee County a better place to live for all of us.

The Walk With Us Movement is only just getting started. Sheriff Swanson has a huge event planned for the one year anniversary at the end of May, and we will make sure to keep you in the loop.


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