News Anchor Malcolm Maddox has been taken off the air at WXYZ-TV, after a former reporter filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Detroit station in US District Court.

Tara Edwards filed the suit against the Scripps Media-owned TV station, accusing them of failing to put an end to the harassment. The move comes just months after WXYZ cleared Maddox of any wrongdoing.

The suit contends that Maddox frequently coerced Edwards to view pictures of his penis, videos of his girlfriend popping grapes out of her vagina, and sent text messages proposing that they engage in sex and suggesting that she let him spit in her mouth and urinate on him during sexual activity.

Edwards read the following statement at a news conference announcing the lawsuit.

"A little less than a year and a half ago I was a reporter. I could have been on the other side, like you journalists are… among you in a case just like this. Covering this story and trying to do the best I could to always be fair in telling the news.


I had the privilege of working with and against some of the best journalists in the country.


And, I have also had a chance over the years as a reporter to use my voice to help the voiceless. Telling their truth when they did not have the power or means to do so… And those moments have been some of my proudest moments in my career.


So imagine how difficult it has been to have felt so helpless, hopeless, and voiceless in my own nightmare for so long.

From the beginning, all I ever wanted was for my name to be cleared. All I ever wanted was for Mr. Maddox to admit the vile, vicious, and nasty rumors were not true. The rumors continue to be prevalent at WXYZ to this day.


I would like to thank the brave women of the #MeToo movement who have come before me.

You have given me the courage to speak out today.  I used to think no one would ever believe my story.


To Reverend Rideout. I did not contact you. I did not ask you to do what you did. But thank you for giving me a voice when I did not think I was brave enough to do it myself. I am finally in a place where I feel strong enough to stand up. For far too long, women who’ve been discriminated against ot abused have been shamed into silence. No more."


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