In the last couple of years, a movement has taken hold to buy more products produced in the USA.  To take that a step further and really help the local economy, it helps to buy products made in Michigan.  For-Mar will present a free event Saturday, September 15th that showcases Michigan-made products.

Most of us know that cars and trucks are made here.  There is much more to the Michigan economy than vehicles, and For-Mar has brought together several vendors that produce and sell products made in Michigan.

The event goes from 10-2 and is free.

In addition to the auto industry, Michigan produces numerous food products, furniture, clothing, shoes, and probably some things that will come as a surprise to most.

It's hard to buy local if you don't know what is being produced by our neighbors.  This event will help.

For-Mar is located at 2142 N. Genesee Road, Burton, Mi 48509