Ever find yourself walking through the woods and finding some delicious looking berries and wondered if you should eat some or not?  For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum offers a program on Saturday, September 29th that can help you answer that question.

"Fruit of For-Mar" will take you out on the trail and teach you which berries and plants you can chow down on and which ones to leave for the varmints.

The program lasts about an hour and starts at 10 a.m.  Cost is $5, and the program is for ages 16 and older.  Pre-registration is not required, but is recommended.

www.geneseecountyparks.org or (810) 736-7100 or 800-648-PARK

You might be walking past a free meal every time you hike your favorite trail.  Learn all about local edibles at For-Mar.