For years people have been pointing to the skies and claiming they saw saucer shaped object flying. The letters UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) were always attached to it. Now, we find out that the United States Air Force was working on a flying saucer project and the National Archives  recently published declassified "flying saucer" schematics and the details of the project, dubbed "Project 1974". Makes you wonder how many of those reported sightings were actually government projects, doesn't it?

The Air Force only got as far as a prototype because the saucer was found to be unstable at low speeds, and the government eventually pulled the plug on the project in the early 1960's.

The initial plan for the saucer project was to build something that could fly faster than the speed of sound, and be able to climb high in the atmosphere.  The project was very costly in it's day and was eventually shuttered because of technical issues that could not be corrected.

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