Citing religious policy, Genesys Health System has denied a Flushing woman's request to have her tubes tied. Jessica Mann, who has a brain tumor, has been advised by her doctor not to get pregnant again. However, her doctor will not be permitted to perform the tubal ligation when she undergoes a Cesarean section to have her third child.

Mann has enlisted the help of ALCU, and in the video below they say that Catholic hospitals across the county are denying pregnant women necessary care.

Genesys tells ABC-12 (second video below) that the hospital is following the directives of the Catholic church.

"As a Catholic healthcare system, we follow the ethical and religious directives of the Church. Beyond that, we can't comment on this patient's particular case."

The ACLU contends that there could be a case of malpractice, if Mann is forced to undergo a second procedure in order to prevent further pregnancies.

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