Absolutely love how all of these organizations are stepping up for kids this fall.

In case you're not sure what Family Promise of Genesee County does, let me fill you in: they were founded in 2012 as part of the Genesee County Interfaith Hospitality Network; according to geneseeserves.org, they partner "with local congregations, individuals, families, foundations and corporations to provide emergency shelter and viable solutions for families with children."

Basically, they help families who are in the middle of a housing crisis get back into a home; they give them a place to stay for 60 days. Like most shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic, they've been closed for months.

With the start of school, however, they've found a way to help those who are most vulnerable - they've opened up an education lab for past and present Family Promise students to learn remotely.

Graduate families and Promise for Home receipients will be able to use this lab daily to help with virtual learning. We will have snacks, drinks and other items for our kiddos! Parents can work on resumes, get help applying for jobs or with unemployment.
We will be introducing StoryTime every Wednesday at 4:30PM via Zoom or in person for children. Let us know if you’re interested in being a guest reader.
Our first Storytime will be next Wednesday at 4:30PM. Our very own Ms.Tiffani will be reading about Lilly! Sesame Street’s first muppet to be facing a housing crisis with her family! We hope you log in and read with us!!! ❤️
Ask us how you can help families in your community today!✌🏻❤️🏡
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