Dr. Bobby Mukkamala took some time out today to answer your questions about the ever changing Covid-19 landscape.

Dr. Bobby is extremely well known throughout Genesee County, and is the current President of the Michigan State Medical Society. Dr. Bobby is an ENT doctor by trade, but he has been working with the entire medical community to help stop the spread of the spread of the virus. With all of the new developments around a new strain of the virus and new vaccines, we wanted to give you a chance to ask Dr. Bobby the questions on your mind.

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It was a convenient coincidence that Dr. Bobby was headed to get the second dose of the Covid vaccine after talking to us. He was quick to assure everyone that he has had no side effects after taking the vaccine, and is excited about the possibility of returning to some sort of normal.

The questions submitted had to do with when the vaccine would be available for different groups of people and what types of new vaccines would be coming in the near future. People also wondered about getting the vaccine if they've already had the virus, and what the timing would look like on that.

We also had to bring up the fact that many people actually refer to Dr. Bobby as "Dr. Hottie", but other than that it's all business.

You can check out the entire interview below, and if you have more questions, just leave them in the comments below.


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