Walmart has been a partner with the Children's Miracle Network for more than thirty years.

Have you been to the register at your local Walmart and/or Sam's Club and asked if you'd like to donate to the Children's Miracle Network with your purchase? It's the chain's 33rd year partnering with the children's hospitals charity, and it's been extended until July 31st.

The Flint Walmart skyrocketed to first place in the region right before the 4th of July weekend; store 1928 had raised over $5,000 already, shortly after they started their campaign.

Beth Harris is the manager at the Flint Walmart; her son was born prematurely, so she has a lot of personal insight on how the Children's Miracle Network is able to help local families during their tough times.

Now, just a few weeks later, Beth and the employees at store 1928 have jumped over the $15,000 mark with donations and a mini-fundraiser that included water balloons. In fact, the Flint/Saginaw/Bay City stores in Michigan have raised over $100,000 collectively.

“I have had stores calling me and telling me they are going to take me out of first.. they are all out to get me,” Beth told Brooklyn Sondegrath from Hurley. “I welcome the challenge because, in the end, the winner is the children!”

It's not too late to donate; if you can't make it to the store, you can donate when you shop at Thank you so much to Beth and the staff at the Flint Walmart for all that you do for CMN!

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