I know some of these people. They're great people. This infuriates me.

There's a group of runners and walkers that meet a few times a week to workout together. On Tuesday night, the group was walking near the Applewood Estate when they were pelted with water bottles from a passing white Jeep Cherokee.

One of the women was hit in the back and had trouble getting up, but they eventually made it to Mott's security office and filed a police report with the Flint PD.

I've run with this group before. They're amazing people. I hate the fact that, after the previous assaults on runners in the area, this is where we're at. You're not safe anywhere. 


Flint runners/walkers are a tight-knit group. I've made more friends through running since moving here two years ago than I could've ever imagined. Be kind, it comes back to you.

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