He was actually inspired by another Genesee County student who got a full ride to Yale.

Keishaun Wade was a freshman when Atherton student Jalen Parks received a full scholarship to Yale, and he used that as his driving force all throughout high school.

In short, it worked - Keishaun was accepted to Cornell on a FULL SCHOLARSHIP. It wasn't without challenges, though. He was held back in kindergarten and said that he had nightmares about being a grown up, still in kindergarten.

He said that his teachers at Southwestern Classical Academy were constantly pushing him to do better, and he did - he got a $700,000 scholarship to Cornell where he'll be majoring in urban and regional studies and minoring in public policy.

Methinks he might bring that degree back to Flint? Fingers crossed! Return on investment. Great job, Keishaun!

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