It's a scary time to be a security guard in Flint.

Less than a month after a security guard was shot and killed at a Family Dollar store in Flint, another security guard found himself in a situation that forced him to pull out his weapon over the weekend.

According to ABC12, this past Friday, Flint police responded to a shooting at Carpenter Road Liquor after they say the security guard and a man got into a fight over the number of customers being allowed into the store.

Apparently a customer wasn't happy with the number of people being allowed into the store and started an argument with the security guard. The man hit the security guard a bunch of times which led him to draw his weapon. He fired a shot which ricocheted off the ground hitting the man in the ankle.

The customer is going to be okay and the incident is still under investigation.

These poor security guards are just trying to do their jobs. It's not like they're the ones calling the shots as to how many people are allowed into a store or whether or not you have to wear a mask. These orders come from the governor, not from the man or woman allowing people into the store. These businesses are simply trying to comply with what was put in place.

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