98 brand new iPads will soon make their way into classrooms at Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary School, thanks to a Title I grant. The Flint Board of Education approved spending $42,042 on the devices Wednesday.

Title I is a US government-funded program designed to help disadvantaged students improve academic achievement.

Is this money well spent, or is an iPad simply a luxury item?

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Third grade teacher Katherine Lisk sees their value, and says the devices have had a positive impact on her students.

“I think our kids live in such a media-rich world – to stand up and lecture them just doesn't work. They’re digitally native and I have to come to them. Once I learned that, I was like, ‘I can do this.’ It’s transformed my teaching. It’s transformed their learning."

Students complete assignments, turn them in, and Lisk grades their work - all electronically. District-wide assessment tests are also administered using iPads. The students are not permitted to take the devices home.

Do you think iPads are a valuable tool in elementary classrooms, or an unnecessary indulgence?

- George McIntyre
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