For the second time in less than a month, another Genesee County, MI restaurant is being featured on America's Best Restaurant.

It's a way of bringing attention to locally owned restaurants with great food, drinks and teams.

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A Flint Area Favorite Restaurant Receives National Attention

Next up to be featured on America's Best Restaurant is Blondie's Food & Spirits. A favorite spot for delicious, plentiful homemade recipes and creative drinks. They proudly made the announcement September 5th on their Facebook page.

If you haven't been yet (no judgement), Blondie's is located at the corner of Hill & Torrey Roads, not far from Meijer.

When will the Blondie's episode air on America's Best Restaurant?

They haven't published a date, yet. We'll provide an update as soon as they do. It's quite an honor when someone wants to share your story nationally.

A year of growth for Blondie's ownership & team

Earlier this summer, the legendary Cranberries Cafe in Goodrich was sold to Blondie's owner, Lisa Blondell. Cranberries Cafe has been in business nearly 30 years.

It says a lot that a family business like Cranberries Cafe would seek ownership of someone local to Genesee County. Someone with proven success in their business that cares about community, customers, quality and their team.

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Cheers to Blondell and her teammates on their continued success and the well-deserved recognition of Blondie's as a must-try restaurant here in our community.

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