We always tell pet owners to be on the lookout for events like this, because veterinary care can be super expensive.

Pets in Peril is a local organization run by volunteers that not only rescues strays, but helps pet owners in the Flint area. One of the ways in which they help is to provide free vaccination clinics, and they held another one this past weekend at the Franklin Avenue Mission.

According to the rescue's Facebook page, they helped 222 cats and dogs, 216 of which received at least one free vaccine:
192 rabies vaccines (Free)
190 canine distemper vaccines (Free)
20 feline distemper vaccines (Free)
20 bordetella vaccines
24 heartworm tests
5 microchips
82 people signed up to get their pets spayed/neutered

Big thanks to Pets in Peril and their volunteers for continuing to be a great influence on our community!

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