I had 90 minutes to kill between meetings at work today, so I headed downtown to the Flint Public Library hoping to find something from Ernest Hemingway (one of my favorite authors).  I was disappointed, as were several others who had come to the library only to find the doors locked. 

Many libraries are struggling financially and are having to limit hours of operation in order to make ends meet.  The Flint Public Library is no different.

Flint Public Libary Open 5 days a week
Flint Public Library

The Flint Public Library is open 5 days a week from Tuesday through Saturday.  More people are using libraries these days due to tough economic times.  Reading materials, computer access, childrens programs, cd's and dvd's  are all offered free of charge at most libraries.  As are literacy programs, tax help and many other activities.

Next time I'll call first.  (810) 232-7111 or visit the Flint Public Library website for more info.

Support your public libraries!

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