This is exactly the dose of cuteness that we needed right meow to start the day.

On Tuesday, the Flint Police Department responded to a phone call about a 6-week-old kitten stuck in a sewer drain. The kitten kept retreating further into the drain while rescuers tried to get to it, so they called several different animal rescue organizations, but nobody responded.

Officers Boismier, Lambaria and Petrich were hell-bent on rescuing this kitten themselves, so they got some shredded chicken from the kitten's owner to help lure it out of its hiding place. Temperatures were in the 90s, so time was of the essence.

After a few tries, they were able to grab the kitten and bring her to safety. They've affectionately named the kitten "Sue."

Nice work and THANK YOU for sharing the story! Hope you can get those uniforms dry-cleaned!

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