Seriously. I want to know. What is it?

I have always wondered about this. But I was too scared to ask. I figured it was one of those things that you should totally know if you are from Flint. Kind of like the Weather Ball or that Vernors cures everything.

A Flint Reddit user finally asked the question that I was too chicken to ask anyone about this tower on top of a building in downtown Flint on Beach Street between First and Second Streets.

I had many theories, including a really odd looking helicopter landing pad. I have no idea why I thought that was the case other than maybe I have seen way too many James Bond movies and think helipads are very common place. Finally an answer was given by another user. It is actually a very old AT&T communications tower that has been there since possibly the 1960s.

Then an article from last year in August from Mlive reported that the tower is slowly being taken down. It is such a huge job that it taking quite a bit of time for the company to bring it down.

Wow, so mystery solved! But now, I want to know more about these huge communication towers from the 1960s and if there are any left anywhere else.

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