Don't let not having a ride or money get in the way of getting to your vaccination appointment. MTA Flint is here to help.

MTA - Flint is partnering up with the Genesee County Health Department and will offer free rides to vaccination appointments. This will be key to getting residents of Genesse County vaccinated to help slow down the huge surge we're seeing across the state.

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According to ABC12, They just announced the program this week and now they are waiting for people to ask for rides.

MTA Flint says that when the Health Department calls to schedule your vaccine appointment just let them know you need transportation and they will take care of scheduling your ride. It's a simple as that. They don't want lack of transportation to be a barrier to getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

Chief operating officer Harmony Lloyd:

We had a lot of the infrastructure in place to be able to address these health needs and so we never want somebody to think I didn’t get a vaccination because I couldn’t find a ride or because my ride canceled.

They don't want lack of transportation to be a barrier to getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

It was really through the generosity of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and the Ruth Mott Foundation that both came together and said we want to help provide the funding for this if you, you too. You all can work together to figure out how to make it happen.


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