Mott Community College is offering up a free class for students that have gotten their Covid-19 vaccine.

There have been plenty of vaccine incentive programs in Genesee County, especially since we have had one of the highest rates of vaccine hesitation. They've ranged from cash prizes to food and drink, but MCC is cutting straight to the point with students. Mott is offering one free class, up to $750) to any vaccinated student!

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Mott has not mandated that students get vaccinated, but according to a statement from Jason Wilson, VP of Student Academic Success, vaccines are encouraged.

MCC strongly recommends everyone get vaccinated to keep themselves and others safe as we return to a mix of virtual and in-person classes and events

Many Michigan schools are mandating that students get vaccinated before coming back to classes this year. Mott is not making it a requirement, but they are giving students every opportunity and incentive to get vaccinated.

School officials are holding free vaccine clinics in the event center on campus every weekday until September 17th. Students can get vaccinated Monday thru Thursday from 9am-4pm and Friday from 9am to 1pm.

If you would like to get the free class offer for being vaccinated, you can take your vaccine card, student ID, and drivers license to the Prahl Center during the hours listed above. If you have questions you can also call 810-762-0200.

Mott has also announced that they are going to be using some of their Covid relief funds to help erase some debt from their students.


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