This is every parent's worst nightmare. A Flint mother is outraged after her 9-year-old boy was allegedly attacked on his school bus by another student.

The boy's mother says her son was attacked on a Flint school bus April 17.

Concerned mother Karen Tuford said a 12-year-old boy shoved her son's head through a bus window and that he suffered a concussion as well as needed two stables placed in his scalp. So bad were the boy's injuries that Tuford said he didn't return to school until two days after the attack.

Tuford says she went to the school district to complain and the police liaison officer did investigate. She said she also filed a police report herself. After all of that, she said the district told her the on-board camera was malfunctioning, and there was no adult monitor riding on the bus that day.What would you do in this situation?