Her workshop took place this past Saturday at Ebeneezer Community Center in Burton.

Tracy Palmer started the workshop because of her now 18-year-old daughter, who had trouble with bullying growing up. She says that her daughter had panic attacks and would hide in the bathroom.

Her goal with these workshops is to get to kids before they "reach the point of no return."

Locally, she's known as "Miss Tracy." And she wants to have a conversation with these kids...not talk down to them.

"Are you a bully?Are you a victim? Or are you a witness? And then, I'm asking you - what kind of witness are you? Are you sitting back and letting it happen? Are you laughing when the person's getting bullied, you know, are you egging it on? Or are you that person that's going to step up and say no. This is not okay," she told ABC 12.

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