You can't have your cake and get high too! That was the lesson a Flint boy learned the hard way. It all started with a simple piece of cake according to reports.

A Flint mother got into a heated argument with her 16-year-old son around noon on Saturday that started over that piece of cake he ate. The mother then called Flint Police who showed up at 12:50pm. Upon their arrival, the mother told police that her son had a bunch of weed in his room. She continued to inform the officers that he smokes the mean green in front of her and her other children.

She took police into her son's bedroom where she revealed his secret stash of the wacky tobacky. Then the pot-smoking, cake-eating, back-talking teen was taken into police custody.

So the moral of the story? Mom's always right. And even if she isn't, don't talk back... or she'll have you arrested! But all kidding aside, would you call the cops to rat out your kids? What would it take? How far would they have to go?