Ezekiel is recovering from his abuse at Adopt-A-Pet in Fenton Township and will be up for adoption when he's well enough. 

He was found in a cage in the basement of a house in Flint about a month ago, and was unable to stand or walk when he was rescued. He only weighed 24 pounds, and his owner has been charged with animal cruelty.

He's currently thriving, and he loves to eat de-boned chicken and to play fetch with balls. "He's well on his way to recovery. He still has some weight to gain. He still has some muscle to gain. We've been careful about limiting his activity so it's not all at one time. He's obviously ready to go though. He think that he's fine. He thinks that he's healthy and he's OK now," Adopt-a-Pet's Jody Maddock told ABC 12 News.

Have you ever seen a dog smile? Look at him! He's so HAPPY! Can't wait until he's ready for his furrrever home! Great news.