City Councilman Wantwaz Davis has said that Governor Rick Snyder and emergency manager Jerry Ambrose are attempting to carryout "genocide" on Flint residents with "unhealthy water."

In a picture caption on Facebook, Council Vice President Davis said:

"It has become apparent to me that the emergency manager and Governor Rick Snyder is creating an obvious genocide against the residents in Flint, Michigan, who are forced to drink the contaminated, unhealthy water, that is going to commit an imminent danger to the lives of those who have a compromised immune system, and infants who biologically doesn't have a fully developed immune system. When I become mayor, I will certainly make the governor and all who took part in continuing to have the residents in Flint, Michigan exposed to this injustice and inexcusable danger accountable; this cannot carry on without someone becoming accountable and or responsible; It is so unfair that people in the future may contract a disease that will carry through the duration of their lives. The emergency manager is choosing finances and fixture of infrastructure, i.e., old pipes that hasn't been worked on for the past 60 to 70 years over lives and welfare of innocent civilians. Someone has to be charged with this neglect and imposition of danger amongst a helpless people; all of this is the effects of bad leadership. I must reiterate and can never say it enough, when I become mayor, which will be the best leader and or Chief administrator the City Of Flint, Michigan has ever chose. I will fight hard, not only against the unjust conditions we have long suffered from, but will make someone accountable for this genocide and address these unfortunate conditions around the nation and beg for the assistance of the Department of Justice ( United States Attorney General's office) to do a through investigation, so in the end, if any one contracts a disease in the future, I would attempt to have them charged and brought to justice, including a civil suit, in the federal courts; someone has to be punished for the ills of the residents of Flint, Michigan. In conclusion, please vote August 4, 2015, for Wantwaz Davis for Mayor. Bad leadership and decision making has to come to an end at some point and time, and that will certainly be the day I am sworn in as your new mayor and Chief Administrator. This is a picture of reminder that in the past summer, I conducted 4 protest against the contaminated water and high water bills, I was telling people about the unhealthy water, before any notices came out to the public, attempting to keep these issues at the forefront, as mayor I will continue to fight even harder, these issues will not die until justice is brought to the people and someone is charged for this imminent genocide."

You can see his full post on Facebook, and read the full story HERE from MLive.

What do you think? Are his claims justified, or is it a political ploy?