In the interest of full-disclosure, I realize that this falls under the heading 'First World Problems.'

Fleetwood Mac will make a stop at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on October 30th and I want to go. Or I don't want to go. Or maybe I want to go. Oh, hell, I am so torn.

Here's the basis for my conundrum:

The iconic band has always been one of my all-time favorites. But ... but ... but ... No Lindsey Buckingham!?! The word 'fired' has been tossed around with regard to his departure, but Mick Fleetwood explains that they simply couldn't come to an agreement on how much time to spend on the road.

"It became just a huge impasse, and hit a brick wall, to where we decided that we had to part company," Fleetwood notes.

So Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, and John McVie will be joined by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' guitarist Mike Campbell and Crowded House's lead singer Neil Finn. No offense, but these guys aren't Lindsey.

And then there's the thought of spending the equivalent of two car payments on a concert.

My son Nick is often my concert partner and he just shelled out a boatload for us to see one of his faves, 'Panic! at the Disco' in July. I guess I owe him, right? (My other son, Dave, is much less enthusiastic when it comes to 'Dad Rock.')

So bite the bullet, spend the money, and pretend to love the lineup? Or stay home that night and sulk because I'm not at the show? Decisions, decisions!

Fleetwood Mac

So as it stands now, I've seen every member of the band in concert -- the iconic five-member lineup anyway -- just not all on stage at the same time. Grrrrrr! That's me (and my porn-stache) pictured with the band when they toured without Christine McVie in 2003.

If you're looking for ticket info, they go on sale Friday, May 4th at 10 am. Prices range from $69.50 to $299.50 at Ticketmaster, or probably several thousand dollars on eBay. American Express cardholders can pre-buy tickets on April 30th.

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