Last night's final chapter of 'Private Practice' reminded us that not all television shows jump the shark. Here's our list of five great shows that got cancelled way too soon, leaving viewers wanting more. "More!" I say, "More!"

  • 'Private Practice'

    Sure, the reveal of Violet's second book and its show-namesake title in the closing moments of the season finale was pure Velveeta. But the final episode, titled, 'In Which We Say Goodbye' did a nice job of tying up loose ends, and bringing some of the characters full circle. Two weddings, three new babies, and true love for Sheldon and Amelia (with someone other than each other!) put a nice bow on the medical drama that was cut short after only 5 ½ seasons. At the least, I think we deserved a two-hour season finale, and an ending that wasn't quite so cheesy.

  • 'Brothers & Sisters'

    Talk about an abrupt ending! The family drama centered around the Ojai Foods company ended with almost no warning. ABC pulled the plug on the Walker family just before the end of its fifth season.

  • 'Detroit 1-8-7'

    Maybe this was more of a Michigan hit, but the Gritty police drama centered in the Motor City only lasted one season. There were rumors that the producers were pursuing options to continue the series on cable TV, but so far, nothing.

  • 'Sports Night'

    Sports Night actually started out as a comedy, but most recall the show as a drama. Contrary to the series' name, there was little focus on sports, and a a heavy dose of drama centering around the employees of the Continental Sports Channel. Those of us that were fans were in an elite group, as the show was cancelled after only two seasons.

  • 'Arrested Development'

    Rest easy, Bluth family fans. Although the show was cancelled after only three short seasons on Fox, Netflix will release 14 episodes for its streaming customers in May.

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