D'oh! "The Simpsons", TV's longest-running sitcom, may end after its 23rd season. Its possible demise is not because of a ratings issue - the series is practically a license to print money for Fox - but because of a contract dispute between the production company and The Simpsons' principal voice actors.

Each of the six actors who voice nearly all of the show's characters makes about $8 million dollars annually, according to the Daily Beast. They're being asked to take a 45% pay cut. The actors have told 20th Century Fox that they're willing to concede somewhat, and accept a 30% cut, but want a piece of the profit from Simpsons merchandise and syndication. At this point, the studio is unwilling to budge.

Although money disputes between the voice actors and the cartoon's production company have occurred in the past, this is the first time a cancellation ultimatum has ever been made.

Stay tuned.



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