Of course, it would be too much to ask for a big company to get back to us with a concrete answer.

I came home from running some errands yesterday and said to AJ, "Hey! Did you know that Five Guys on Saginaw St. in Grand Blanc is closed? Like, for good?" She didn't believe me; she assumed that it was closed temporarily because of the pandemic.

So, she took a drive out there herself and found that the sign was gone and the inside was gutted.

via Pat and AJ

She reached out on a few social media platforms to find out what happened.

screenshot via Pat and AJ

Interesting response, considering the sale sign out front and the fact that the name has been completely scraped off of the front door.

via Pat and AJ

We poked around a bit to find out what happened and found out...absolutely nothing. Although we think it's safe to say that the "retail for lease" sign in the front window is a pretty good indicator that they will not, in fact, be reopening "soon."

via Pat and AJ

The Miller Road location is still in business if you're jonesin' for one of their giant burgers and fresh-cut fries.

Maybe it was the pandemic? They were listed on a few of the food delivery apps fairly recently, so we know that they were offering some form of carryout and/or delivery. We contacted Pizza Hut's media relations person to inquire about the status of their Davison and Flint Township locations and received no response, so I guess this is better than nothing.

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