Pfizer along with BioNtech have gained permission to start giving out the first round of COVID-19 vaccines in Britain as early as next week.

Oh man, I feel like people are about to go nuts over this vaccine.

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Pfizer said it would immediately begin shipping limited supplies to the U.K. -- and has been gearing up for even wider distribution if given a similar nod by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a decision expected as early as next week. 

With Britain taking on the first wave of COVID-19 vaccines the world will have to just sit back and wait to see what happens. The vaccines that will be administered will have a 95% chance of preventing mild to severe COVID-19 transmissions. Britain has ordered enough vaccines for 20 million people and they really don't know how they'll get them administered everywhere. The COVID-19 vaccines require powerful freezers that can reach ultra-cold temperatures in order for the vaccines to be stored safely. And super expensive freezers are hard to come by.

So, we've finally made it to the first step in beating the COVID-19 virus. We'll know more details next week in regards to a U.S. release. But, I'm not too fond of being the first at anything, and I don't wanna discourage people from being vaccinated. For me personally, I'll sit back and watch for a minute before I take anything.


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