Contributed by: Krystal Smith | Fitness Program Specialist | Certified Personal Trainer | Hurley Health and Fitness Center

Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult. Finding the motivation to stick to an exercise routine can become even more difficult. Everyone is going to have different motivators, so finding the ones that work for you is crucial. Take the time to sit down and make a list of things you think will keep you up and going. After you make your list, read the following list of “tips to motivate” that may help you as well.

  • Make Exercising "Me Time"

    Many people are so busy, that they don’t make time for themselves. Use exercise as “me time” and escape everything around you. Exercise is a great way to release stress and release endorphins. Make exercise an appointment for “you.”

  • Exercising Makes You Feel Good

    Make note of the way you feel after your workout. It may be a struggle to get to the gym, but you are almost guaranteed to leave feeling energized, upbeat and having a sense of accomplishment.

  • Make Attainable Goals

    Challenge yourself with attainable goals and then reward yourself. Make a list of short term goals (losing 5 lbs, being able to run 1 mile straight, burning 600 calories in a day, making it to the gym 5 days in a row). When you accomplish these goals, cross them off and reward yourself (Buy a new outfit, have an ice cream cone, go see a movie.)

  • Find a Workout Buddy or Personal Trainer

    Get a workout buddy or personal trainer. You will be amazed with what accountability can do. If you are one to not miss appointments or let someone down, this may be something you need to keep you on track!

  • Find an Event to Keep You Focused

    Sign up for an event! Look into a road race you could run or walk. Signing up for something like this will keep you focused to train.

  • Exercise Helps You Live Longer

    Staying healthy to live life to the fullest. Live long enough to see and play with your grandchildren.

  • See The Results from Exercise

    See the results! Try not to weigh yourself on the scale day to day. Weigh yourself once a week and give your body time to show results. Notice how your clothes are fitting differently and how you look in the mirror