It's everyone's dream, to have a desk job with a corner office.  Well it seems your desk may be hurting your memory. What was I talking about again? Oh yea! Desks or something.

According to the New York Times, if you sit at your desk all day you could be getting fatter and dumber. Sabine Schaefer a reasearcher for teh Max Planck Institute for Human Development conducted a study of the effects on memory, both sitting and walking. Schaefer commented:

The headline finding was that the working memory performance of both age groups improved when walking at their chosen speed compared with when sitting or walking at a fixed speed set by the researchers. This was especially the case for more difficult versions of the working memory task, and was more pronounced among the children than the adults. So, this would appear to be clear case of mental performance actually being superior in a dual-task situation.

What do you think abou this? Do you notice a difference in your memory when sitting or walking?

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