Another reminder of how important these are to have in our homes.

Rachel Peabody of Fenton almost dismissed the alarm when it went off. She says that she was in the basement, tired, and not sure if she was hearing it correctly. But when it continued to sound, she got nervous.

She was up late doing laundry, around midnight, and didn't want to scare her children, still thinking it was nothing. She changed the batteries but it continued to go off, which is when she alerted her husband. They got the kids out of the house.

When the Fenton Fire Department showed up, they found out that their furnace was the culprit. They just moved into the house a month ago, and the furnace had been cleared during the inspection. Luckily, everybody got out safely.

Rachel wants to remind everybody that it IS difficult, because you can't smell or see carbon monoxide, but it's important to have a detector that works.

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